Royal Solicitude

For the 6th consecutive time, the Marrakech AIRSHOW is placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, under the aegis of the Ministry of Industries and the unfailing support of the Royal Air Forces.

Speech extract of HM King Mohammed VI at the 56th anniversary Of the Royal Air Forces (RAF)

« …In this context, this remarkable international presence should logically have repercussions on military cooperation with friendly countries, with whom we share the great ambition to serve international security and peace, through the exchange of experiences, training and cooperation, joint military exercises, whose purpose is to strengthen its field capabilities and operational coordination. All this has helped to strengthen the position of our Royal Armed Forces among the armies of the world.

The results of this interaction were positively reflected in the favorable response and the overwhelming success of the participation of the Royal Air Forces and the Royal Gendarmerie at the third Marrakech International Aeronautical Exhibition, in terms of participation and organization, which contributed to the promotion of this international event, specializing in the issues of aeronautics and space, and its consecration as a continental and international meeting organized on Moroccan soil... »

HM The King Mohammed VI
Date : Monday 14 May 2012

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