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Strategic platform to peneterate the African market

Morocco has positioned itself as a strategic platform to penetrate the African market. An increasing number of leading operators in the aerospace sector are choosing to approach the Moroccan market to facilitate their approach to the African market. The Kingdom's geographical proximity to Europe, its political stability and its workforce constitute a powerful competitive advantage for the Marrakech Air Show.

The Moroccan aeronautical sector is growing at an annual rate of 15% to 20%. Today more than 100 companies in the aerospace sector are based in the Kingdom, employing more than 8000 people in total.

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Morocco maintains privileged relations with different African states

In the context of trans-African cooperation, Morocco maintains privileged relations with the different African states. The great interest of the African official delegations for this major event, demonstrates the growing attractiveness and demand of Africa for the aerospace sector.

The exchange between the players in this industry aims to harmonize the continent’s various aviation regulations, to meet the challenges of maintenance but also to promote an African sky conducive to cooperation.

Develop the African Aerospace Platform (AAP)

Marrakech Airshow 2018 is the opportunity for political decision makers and aerospace operators to share their short, medium and long term vision of the African Aerospace Platform, favorable to international industrialists concerned to establish a bridgehead in Morocco in the conquest of African markets.

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